What do I need to know about how an out of court settlement works in relation to my Florida personal injury case?

April 21, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury

An out of court settlement is an agreement made by both parties in your Florida personal injury case, without the need for a formal judicial process involving judges and the courts. The out of court settlement is reached with attorneys on both sides of the case helping clients to come to a reasonable conclusion.  Sometimes … Read More

Are there any rules about truck drivers texting while they drive? I was involved in a truck accident in Palm Beach and think the driver was texting at the time of the accident.

April 11, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerVehicle Accidents

Yes, there are definitely rules about truck drivers texting and driving while they are on the road. These rules went into effect in January 2010. Federal guidelines state that commercial truck drivers are prohibited from texting and driving. Drivers who violate these rules could face civil or criminal penalties up to $2,750.  According to research … Read More