Products Liability Claims

July 5, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury, Products Liability

These are possible theories for products liabilities: (1) strict products liability, (2) negligence, (3) implied warranties, and (4) express warranties. To prevail on a strict products liability action, a plaintiff must prove the following elements: (1) strict duty owed by a commercial supplier, (2) breach of that duty, (3) actual and proximate cause, (4) damages, … Read More

Elements in a Negligence Case

July 1, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury

In a personal injury action, the plaintiff usually bases the case on negligence when the injuries are caused by accident. Negligence requires a breach of duty that is the actual and proximate cause of damages with no defenses. A duty is owed only to a plaintiff in the foreseeable zone of danger. For example, Gayle, … Read More

Dangerous Drugs

June 29, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury, Products Liability

James Marshall’s acting career ended when he started taking Accutane, according to As a result of taking the Accutane acne drug, Marshall required emergency surgery to remove his colon and bowel ailments, leaving him unable to work. Marshall, age 44, played U.S. Marine Louden Downey in the 1992 movie “A Few Good Men.” He … Read More

Value of Florida Personal Injury Case

June 26, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury

Personal injuries result from a serious car accident, employment mishap, slip and fall, defective product, or other careless or reckless conduct. Personal injuries force the injured person, spouse, or dependents, to go through not only bodily pain, but emotional and financial hardship. When injured, at the fault of another, deserved compensation, includes: • medical care, … Read More

Slip and Fall in Florida

June 25, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury, Slip & Fall

Every day, people’s unsafe premises cause other people to slip and fall, resulting in traumatic bodily and emotional losses, including injuries to the hip, brain, spinal cord, and death. Premises liability laws make property owners, including homeowners and business owners, keep property in a reasonably safe condition.  Property owners must warn visitors, even trespassers, of … Read More

Bicycle Safety

June 22, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury

Though bike wrecks might result in a person getting personal injury damages, not getting injured in the first place is better, and can be done by taking safety into account when bicycling on the road with cars. Safety requires having the right gear, understanding Florida traffic laws, and keeping a bike well maintained. On gear, … Read More