Slip and Fall in Florida

June 25, 2011By Palm Beach Injury LawyerPersonal Injury, Slip & Fall

Every day, people’s unsafe premises cause other people to slip and fall, resulting in traumatic bodily and emotional losses, including injuries to the hip, brain, spinal cord, and death. Premises liability laws make property owners, including homeowners and business owners, keep property in a reasonably safe condition.  Property owners must warn visitors, even trespassers, of … Read More

After a Slip and Fall Accident in Palm Beach

December 20, 2010By Palm Beach Injury LawyerSlip & Fall

When an owner fails to keep their premises safe, a victim may experience serious injuries in a slip and fall accident in Florida. Palm Beach injury attorney Theodore Babbitt can guide you in your injury claim. Fill out our online form and Mr. Babbitt will review your case and put you in touch with the Florida injury attorney who is best-suited for your needs. Call 1-877-751-8087.