An out of court settlement is an agreement made by both parties in your Florida personal injury case, without the need for a formal judicial process involving judges and the courts. The out of court settlement is reached with attorneys on both sides of the case helping clients to come to a reasonable conclusion. 

Sometimes an out of court settlement isn’t reached until there have been court proceedings, or even just before a verdict is reached. However, most of the time these are reached long before a court date is even set. 

There are different ways to look at an out of court settlement. Both sides will typically favor this outcome because it avoids additional costs and time. However if one side has a lot to lose, that side may decide it’s worth going the distance. 

Insurance companies will often try to get to a settlement as quickly as possible for as little money as possible. But if you have been seriously injured, you should be working with a Palm Beach injury lawyer who will work hard to help you fight for a full and fair settlement.  

You will need a Palm Beach injury lawyer to be your representative in your Florida personal injury case. Attempting to settle on your own when you have been injured is a risky venture. An attorney understands the nuances of Florida personal injury case law and can use past case experience to strengthen your own position. 

A Palm Beach injury lawyer knows how to negotiate and understands the importance of taking into account any future medical treatment that may become necessary. This is why it is so important your out of court settlement includes not only current accident-related expenses but any future ones as well.   

Contacting a Palm Beach Injury Lawyer 

When it comes to choosing an attorney, you can’t afford to play a game of chance. Picking a Florida injury lawyer based on a colorful bus ad or a touching TV commercial won’t necessarily put you in touch with the attorney best suited for your case. 

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