In most cases, the car that makes a left-hand turn in front of another vehicle will be at fault. This is because Florida traffic laws state that you must yield to oncoming vehicles and only make a left-hand turn when it is safe. There are exceptions to this rule, however. 

Exceptions of fault with a driver making a left-hand turn are when: 

  • the other driver is speeding;
  • the other driver goes through a red light; and
  • an unexpected event occurs where the driver was safely making the left-hand turn but the event caused the driver to stop turning or slow down.  

Each car accident is unique and so proving fault will depend on the particular circumstances surrounding your Florida car accident. 

This is why you should seek help from an experienced Florida car accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer will have successfully handled these types of cases and can investigate your accident to determine who was at fault. They can also help you establish fault by collecting important evidence that substantiates your claim. 

Additionally, a Florida car accident lawyer could handle all communication with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to worry about your words being taken out of context. Your Florida car accident lawyer will work on your behalf to protect your legal rights throughout the entire claims process. 

Contacting a Florida Car Accident Attorney 

A Florida car accident involving a left-hand turn is not necessarily an open and shut case. Florida injury attorney Theodore Babbitt wants to use his legal experience and professional connections to put you in touch with the attorney who can best handle your case. Fill out our online form or call to get started – 1-877-751-8087.