If you have been involved in a serious accident in Florida that has resulted in a spinal cord injury, you may be able to file a Florida personal injury claim in order to recover damages for your injuries. 

The best decision you can make after being injured in a Florida accident is to seek the help of an experienced attorney. A Florida personal injury lawyer can handle every step in the process of your personal injury claim, from the filing of your claim to negotiating your settlement. 

Unfortunately there is no way to reverse a spinal cord injury. While spinal cord injury is permanent, there are treatment options. By seeking damages in a Florida personal injury claim, you may be better equipped to afford the necessary treatment for your spinal cord injury. 

If an individual suffers a spinal cord injury they may be admitted to the intensive care unit or sent to a center that treats spinal cord injuries specifically. 

Treatment for spinal cord injuries may include: 

  • medication;
  • experimental treatments;
  • immobilization; and
  • surgery.  

Ongoing care is often needed for an individual who suffers a spinal cord injury. The extent of the injuries will determine what future care is needed, whether it’s rehabilitation, a wheel chair, or both.

Treatment for a spinal cord injury may result in some progress, with small improvements made over a period of time. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury from a serious accident, you should contact a Florida personal injury lawyer. 

Finding a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer 

The chances are good that you have never needed the services of a Florida personal injury lawyer until now. While you are in the midst of this exhausting personal challenge, you’ll be forced to make some very important decisions, not the least of which is hiring a Florida personal injury lawyer. 

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