When a fatal crash is reported the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records the details of where the victim was at the time of the accident. By classifying the occupant type they can work on targeting safety improvements for many types of vehicle and pedestrian accidents in Florida. 

In 2009 there were 2,558 fatal crashes reported by the NHTSA with 1,555 of them resulting in the fatalities of vehicle occupants. The statistics break down into the following vehicle occupant types: 

  • Passenger car: 866 occupants;
  • Pickup truck: 270 occupants;
  • Utility truck: 288 occupants;
  • Van: 91 occupants;
  • Large truck: 22 occupants;
  • Bus: 1 occupant;
  • Other vehicle/Unknown occupant status: 17 occupants. 

In addition to passenger vehicles, motorcycle riders accounted for 413 crash victims. There were also records of 107 bicyclists, 466 pedestrians, and 17 other or unknown non-vehicle occupants for a total of 590 fatalities taking place with those outside a vehicle. 

Unfortunately, it seems as if there’s not much more safety inside a vehicle than there is outside a vehicle. Florida ranks as one of the top 3 states for fatal crashes, ranking just below California and Texas for the most fatal accidents in 2009. The state of Florida is also home to the “most deadly” stretch of Interstate 95 in the U.S. and more than 83,000 miles of state and county roads. 

These frightening crash statistics may serve a positive purpose in many ways. They allow traffic analysts and law enforcement officials to understand crash trends and make improvements to local and state safety programs. 

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