You may think it’s fine to toss out property damaged in an accident, but you’d be wrong. Many Florida personal injury claims are lost because the victims allowed critical pieces of evidence to be destroyed or tossed out. 

Let’s say for example you’re in a car accident where you suffer a laceration on your arm from shattered glass, your sunglasses break when the airbag hits you, and your vehicle is deemed a total loss. You throw out your torn and blood-stained shirt, throw out the glasses, and tell the tow truck company to dispose of your car. 

Months later, you’re suffering serious back and neck pain and find out you have a herniated disc from the accident. Unfortunately, without the physical evidence you destroyed, you may find it difficult to prove your claim since time has elapsed without you taking action. The laceration on your arm may have healed, and without that shirt showing where the glass cut you, there’s no proof the accident caused your scar. 

Likewise, if you are found to suffer from any damage to your neck or spine, you can claim the airbag deployed and the force caused those injuries, but without the actual vehicle or those broken sunglasses, it’s your word against the defendant’s. You should never allow your vehicle to be destroyed until the damage has been properly documented and your Miami personal injury tells you to authorize it. 

Evidence preservation is a critical thing to consider when filing a Florida personal injury claim. There are many things to do and to avoid when filing your claim to give yourself the maximum advantage in securing a fair settlement. Your Miami personal injury attorney can help you avoid the pitfalls of settling a claim and help increase your chances at winning your case. 

Finding a Miami Personal Injury Attorney 

When it comes to choosing an attorney, you can’t afford to play a game of chance. Picking a Miami personal injury attorney based on a colorful bus ad or a touching TV commercial won’t necessarily put you in touch with the attorney best suited for your case. 

Florida injury attorney Theodore Babbitt has spent years building his practice and growing his network of trusted colleagues and well-respected lawyers. Simply fill out our online form, and Mr. Babbitt will personally review your story to see if you have a valid Florida personal injury claim. He will then put you in touch with the attorney best-suited to handle your case. There is no cost to get started – 1-877-751-8087.