If you have suffered burn injuries during an accident in Florida, you may be entitled to recover damages for your physical injuries and your emotional distress. A burn injury lawyer in Florida will take the time to look at your case thoroughly and determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim. 

By consulting with a burn injury lawyer in Florida, you stand a better chance at getting a fair settlement. If your burn injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence, carelessness or wrongful conduct, you deserve compensation. A burn injury lawyer in Florida will gather all of the necessary evidence to help build a strong, substantial case. 

Accidents in Florida That Could Lead to Burn Injuries 

There are a variety of things that could lead to burn injuries, including: 

  • industrial accidents;
  • defective candles;
  • gasoline spills;
  • building fires;
  • electrical outlet malfunctions;
  • hot water;
  • flammable liquid fuel explosions;
  • electrical accidents;
  • chemical exposure;
  • radiation;
  • gas explosions;
  • wiring malfunctions; and
  • traffic accidents (car, motorcycle, truck, etc.).  

No matter what type of accident occurred, if it resulted in severe burn injuries, you should consult with a burn injury lawyer in Florida. 

Burn Injuries from a Florida Accident 

There are 3 types of burn injuries that an individual can suffer as a result of a Florida accident, which include: 

  • 1st degree burns – the outer layer of the skin is damaged.
  • 2nd degree burns – the outer layer of the skin and the next layer underneath are damaged.
  • 3rd degree burns – the deepest layer of skin and skin tissue are damaged.  

Burn injuries can result in blistering and scarring. If the burn injuries are severe, an individual may be permanently disfigured. With serious burns, complications could lead to shock or death. 

The psychological effect of severe burns can be very difficult. Many burn injury victims find it necessary to seek therapy in order to deal with the emotional aspect of their scars or disfigurement. 

When victims experience severe burn injuries, they become more susceptible to infections because the skin is the first line of defense against infections. Infections need to be treated immediately in order to avoid further complications. 

A 3rd degree burn is the most difficult to treat. It requires painful procedures, such as skin grafts. In a skin graft, skin is either taken from other areas of the body or synthetic grafts are used to cover the exposed skin tissue. This helps to encourage the growth of new skin. 

How a Burn Injury Lawyer in Florida Can Help 

When an individual has been severely burned, it can lead to traumatic psychological effects and the need for long-term physical care. This can be costly and overwhelming. While you are already suffering enough, you should not have to suffer financially if your burn injuries were preventable. 

A burn injury lawyer in Florida will work hard to help you recover damages for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation and future treatment related to your burn injuries. 

Contact a burn injury lawyer in Florida today to discuss all of your legal options and to make sure that your claim is filed properly and in a timely manner. If you decide to file a claim, a burn injury lawyer in Florida will work to make sure that your claim is treated in a fair and reasonable way. 

While you focus on your healing and recovery, a burn injury lawyer in Florida will focus on all the details of your claim, including paperwork and discussions with insurance companies. 

Contacting a Burn Injury Lawyer in Florida 

The chances are good that you have never needed the services of a burn injury lawyer in Florida until now. While you are in the midst of this exhausting personal challenge, you’ll be forced to make some very important decisions, not the least of which is hiring a burn injury lawyer in Florida. 

At times like these, don’t leave your decision up to something as risky as chance. Palm Beach burn injury lawyer Theodore Babbitt will personally review your case at no cost and tell you if you have a valid claim. He will then use his resources, including his membership in numerous esteemed legal groups, to find the right burn injury lawyer in Florida to handle your case. Fill out our online form or call to get started – 1-877-751-8087.