In the process of filing and resolving a Florida personal injury claim, it’s sometimes necessary to take the case to trial. This happens for many reasons – in some cases the settlement being offered is too low, and in other cases the claim may be denied outright. In either case, a Palm Beach personal injury can help you fight for your rightful compensation in court. 

A personal injury lawsuit is just like any other standard trial where there is a plaintiff (you), a defendant (the party you are holding responsible for your injuries), a judge and a jury. Much like the way you presented evidence to your insurance company to verify your accident account and the damages you claim, your attorney will have to do so in front of the judge and jury. 

You will have much more time to present your case and more people to convince rather than with a claims adjuster at your insurance company. The increase in scale of the claim process at trial means a Palm Beach personal injury attorney will be invaluable to help you present and defend your argument. You will need a solid case and be able to answer to any arguments the defendant brings up against your case. 

Trial is just one of the many potential stages of a Florida personal injury claim needing to be addressed before your case is resolved. An experienced Palm Beach personal injury attorney should be at the top of your list of things to consider when filing an injury claim. Remember, your financial future is at stake when seeking an injury settlement and your claim deserves the attention of a professional injury attorney.  

Finding a Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney 

When it comes to choosing an attorney, you can’t afford to play a game of chance. Picking a Palm Beach personal injury attorney based on a colorful bus ad or a touching TV commercial won’t necessarily put you in touch with the attorney best suited for your case. 

Palm Beach injury attorney Theodore Babbitt has spent years building his practice and growing his network of trusted colleagues and well-respected lawyers. Simply fill out our online form, and Mr. Babbitt will personally review your story to see if you have a valid Florida personal injury claim. He will then put you in touch with the attorney best-suited to handle your case. There is no cost to get started – 1-877-751-8087.