Not all cases of nerve damage are simply a nerve that is compressed, stretched, or cut. In many cases, a preceding injury causes the nerve to be damaged, creating the need for that injury to be repaired first before the nerve damage can be treated or relieved 

When you are in a serious car accident, chances are you have suffered multiple injuries in several areas of your body. Nerve damage is often seen in conjunction with many other common injuries from car accidents. Nerves are present in nearly every inch of your body and are easily damaged when other injuries occur. 

Slipped discs between the vertebra in your spine are some of the most common injuries that can also produce nerve damage. When the disc of cartilage shifts it can often compress a nerve, creating a loss of sensation, burning or tingling, or chronic pain. 

Fractured or dislocated bones can also pose a danger to the surrounding nerves, either by compressing them against other bones, stretching them due to dislocation, or even severing them if bone fragments tear into the nerves. Until the fracture is repaired or the bone put back into place, these types of nerve damage may persist and even become permanent issues. 

The longer you delay treatment, the slower your nerves will heal – if they can heal at all. Restoration of circulation and removal of stressors is key to promoting healthy recovery from nerve damage injuries and it is best to see a doctor immediately if you experience pain, numbness or loss of sensation in any part of your body. 

A Florida car accident can produce many types of nerve damage, either from another related injury or from simple trauma alone. Your Palm Beach personal injury attorney can help you file a claim to pursue damages related to your injuries and help get you on the road to recovery. 

Finding a Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney 

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