No matter what type of accident in which you were injured, you have the right to a fair settlement – particularly when someone else is responsible for causing those injuries. A Palm Beach personal injury attorney can help you review any settlement offers you receive and determine if it is a fair settlement taking into account your current and expected damages and losses, as well as your pain and suffering. 

A fair settlement accounts for the following areas of compensation: 

  • medical expenses (past and future projected);
  • lost wages (past and future projected);
  • long-term disability compensation (if applicable); and
  • pain and suffering. 

Your Palm Beach personal injury attorney will also help you review all avenues of compensation, including filing a third party claim against another entity who may be partially at fault for your accident. A fair settlement may include these third parties in the compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Obtaining a fair settlement in your Florida personal injury claim is important not only for your immediate expenses, but also for providing for your future needs. Many accidents result in permanent injury, requiring future treatment, assistive devices such as a wheelchair or special home medical care. Your Palm Beach personal injury attorney can fight for your fair settlement to make sure your needs – present and future –are met. 

Finding a Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney 

When it comes to choosing an attorney, you can’t afford to play a game of chance. Picking a Palm Beach personal injury attorney based on a colorful bus ad or a touching TV commercial won’t necessarily put you in touch with the attorney best suited for your case. 

Palm Beach personal injury attorney Theodore Babbitt has spent years building his practice and growing his network of trusted colleagues and well-respected lawyers. Simply fill out our online form, and Mr. Babbitt will personally review your story to see if you have a valid Florida personal injury claim. He will then put you in touch with the attorney best-suited to handle your case. There is no cost to get started – 1-877-751-8087.