Every year the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) compiles the data of the car accidents that occurred in Florida. This data is used to create action plans to help improve the safety of our roadways for both drivers and pedestrians. Through these findings we can see just how common some types of car accidents are. 

The most common type of crash according to the latest 2009 annual report from the DHSMV is a rear-end collision, which accounted for 30% of all injury crashes. The second most common was an angle crash – normally from when one vehicle drifts into the side of another – which accounted for 18% of injury crashes that year. 

Crashes resulting from head-on collisions made up 7% of the 2009 injury crashes while improper left or right turns accounted for 6%. Sideswipes were almost 4%, and runoffs almost 2%. The remaining 33% of crashes occurred with fixed objects, non-passenger vehicles (tractors, trains, animals, etc), or did not involve another vehicle (mechanical failure, overturn, cargo loss, etc.).

 For accidents not involving another car, the most common 3 types are pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorcycle crashes. The DHSMV recorded 8,248 pedestrian crashes, 4,774 bicycle crashes, and 8,313 motorcycle crashes in 2009. 

No matter if your car accident is common or uncommon the fact that you were injured is reason enough to be concerned. A Palm Beach car accident attorney can help you file a claim for personal injury and damages you suffered in your Florida car accident.  

Finding a Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney 

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