Florida pedestrian laws state that pedestrians must use sidewalks and cannot stand on or use a road designed for motor vehicle traffic. A pedestrian is considered to be someone not only on foot but also those in wheelchairs, on skates or on skateboards. 

Certain circumstances may make a sidewalk impassable, especially for someone in a wheelchair, so a pedestrian may have no choice other than to use a roadway. 

Situations that may create an impassable sidewalk include: 

  • invading vegetation (such as overgrown weeds);
  • major cracks or uneven pavement;
  • motor vehicles that are illegally parked;
  • sidewalk littered with debris;
  • unpaved sidewalks that are wet or muddy;
  • sidewalks that are near ditches;
  • sidewalks that are blocked; and
  • hazards underneath grass or plant litter. 

If you are injured in a Florida pedestrian accident because of an impassable sidewalk, you should speak to an experienced Florida personal injury attorney who can help determine if the business or government entity responsible for the sidewalk’s maintenance may be liable for your injuries. 

You can learn more about Florida’s pedestrian laws by visiting our article library.  

Contacting a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

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