Yes, you may have cause for a product liability claim in Florida even if you were injured while using a defective product that didn’t belong to you. Since each situation is unique and includes a number of individual factors, it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced Florida product liability attorney. An attorney can evaluate your case and determine if you have a valid product liability claim. 

Filing a Product Liability Claim in Florida 

Filing a Florida product liability claim is not based on ownership of a defective product. The focus is on the product itself, and whether or not it was defective and caused your injuries.  

If a product is found to be defective and it resulted in serious injuries, then you can file a product liability claim. An experienced Florida product liability attorney will help determine the cause of the defect, such as a manufacturing error or insufficient instructions and warnings. 

With product liability claims the fault can lie with one or more parties. 

Some of the following parties may be found responsible in a product liability claim, including the: 

  • manufacturer;
  • designer;
  • distributor; and
  • retailer.  

Your Florida product liability attorney can determine who may be held liable for your injuries, and represent you through each stage of a product liability claim. 

Contacting a Florida Product Liability Attorney  

Florida product liability claims are very complicated and should be handled by an attorney who has experience with defective product claims. Florida product liability attorney Theodore Babbitt wants to use his legal experience and professional connections to put you in touch with the attorney who can best handle your case. Find The Right Attorney focuses solely on connecting Florida victims with the best legal resources possible. Fill out our online form or call to get started – 877-751-8087.