The state of Florida follows the system of pure comparative negligence, which assigns a percentage of liability to parties found responsible for a Florida car accident. Since your degree of fault is typically assigned by an insurance adjuster who is biased in favor of the insurance company, consulting with an experienced accident lawyer in Florida can help make sure your rights are not ignored during the claims process. 

With pure comparative negligence, if more than one party is found to be at fault for a Florida car accident, they will be assigned a percentage of responsibility. This allows an injured party to still recover some damages if they are partly responsible for the accident. 

Therefore, if an injured party was found to even be 99% at fault, they can still recover some damages. The amount they would be awarded would be reduced by 99%. So in a case where an injured party was found to have suffered $10,000 in damages, if they were 99% negligent for the Florida car accident, they would only receive $100.   

If an injured party was only found only 10% at fault for the accident, their award would be reduced by just 10%. So if the amount of damages was found to be $100,000 they would receive $90,000. 

Florida negligence laws can be complex. Contacting an accident lawyer in Florida can help you better understand how Florida negligence laws may impact your particular injury claim. 

Contacting an Accident Lawyer in Florida 

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