Many of the common types of Florida car accidents can be complicated by the presence or absence of other parties. While a typical car accident usually involves 2 vehicles and 2 drivers, there are many other types of car accidents that can involve multiple drivers, or no other driver at all. 

When you are in a multiple vehicle collision it is often extremely difficult to determine which driver is to blame (if any) for causing the accident. These accidents are often known as chain reactions and can result from a single accident triggering other accidents. In some cases, multiple drivers may be liable for the accident if they all contributed in part to the negligent actions that began the chain reaction. 

Some types of car accidents do not involve another vehicle at all, or the other vehicle and driver cannot be located. In a hit and run accident it is often difficult to file a claim because the other driver has fled the scene. In these cases, witness testimony is your best source of evidence to prove to your insurance company that you were not at fault for the accident. 

Pedestrian and bicyclist accidents also typically do not involve another vehicle and have unique problems of their own. In most cases the driver is found to be at fault for the accident, but reckless actions on the pedestrian’s behalf can also cause accidents where the driver is not at fault. In these cases it may be a matter of determining who had the right of way on the road, if there were crosswalks or safety signals present, and if either party was guilty of misconduct. 

Even the most common types of Florida car accidents all have unique properties that make each case different when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. You should consult with a Palm Beach car accident attorney to determine your options with filing a claim and settling your case.  

Finding a Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney 

When it comes to choosing an attorney, you can’t afford to play a game of chance. Picking a Palm Beach car accident attorney based on a colorful bus ad or a touching TV commercial won’t necessarily put you in touch with the attorney best suited for your case. 

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